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"Liquid Nitrogen's" Start Smoking Story

    When I first got my first cig I was really scared because no one in my family smokes and I didnt know what to do, so to just look cool I inhaled smoke in my mouth. I kind of liked the look and most of my favorite people smoke so I figure there must be something to it.
    I then bought my first pack and hid them at a friends house in fear of my mom finding them. I only got one out of the pack! My friends friend came over and stole all of them! I could'nt believe it! I didnt smoke for six months then. After that I said to hell with keeping them at other people's houses because I gotta keep them at my house instead of being at the whim of others so I bought another pack of Marlboro lights and put them in my room. Man, for all those people who have'nt had your own pack its wonderful. Looking at my first full pack that was all mine, I couldnt help but stare at it for a couple of minutes looking at all of the packaging.
    I smoked the first one down in my basement and could only smoke half of one with little inhales. Later I got better and could smoke a whole one and inhaling very deeply. Now I can do it without coughing and am moving up to marlboro regulars (menthol).
    I am a recent smoker because ive been only smoking really for about a month. I was smoking off and on a cig once in a while but I dont count that, when I started smoking every day thats when i started counting. I bought my first lighter from spencers. It was zippo with no lighter fluid so they could sell it to me. I was so proud of myself. Now im smoking better than before and have even improved my technique of hold the cig. Its so awesome when you finally get into smoking and start feeling the benefits like the tingling feeling! (thats awesome!) Also I got one of my friends into smoking and now we smoke together so I dont have to do it alone.

For all those reading this, SMOKE ON!

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